Topic 5

Reflection on Topic 5

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The final week’s topic of open access had been a nice conclusion to the ‘Living and Working on the Web’ module and have felt strongly in favour for open access to become more prevalent in the academic world.

Through reading other’s blogs, it seemed that as a group we agreed that open access would bring more benefits than costs, not just academically. Harriet illustrated through her tweets with @andreift9 that open access can be momentous within the art community as well. I asked Harriet on her blog whether low quality content would be ever be a big enough issue (see comment on Harriet’s blog). Her reply focused on a point from Callum’s blog, where different options, green and gold, could affect the level of quality. The differences between the green and gold options is not something I had considered and is summarised below:

Created by Callum Rooke (2017)

In Caiti’s blog, covered the costs of open access publication in more depth and after reading this blog I decided to do more research into the publication charges associated. My comment on Caiti’s blog referred to a comment on the quantity of medical papers being published, since medical students are advised to use the most recent sources possible, I thought this might contribute to a diminishing average in quality.

Overall, this topic is incredibly relevant in the academic world and I believe that open access needs to the norm rather than the exception since it affects all people . Directly, it benefits university students, researchers and scientists but indirectly it benefits; the advancement of technology and science through increased publications and students in relatively poorer countries, who can now be taught more material since schools would have access to new content.

The pros and cons can be briefly summarised in the video below:

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Word Count: 296


Research Councils UK, (2015). ‘Review of the implementation of RCUK Policy on Open Access’. Available here: [Accessed on 12/05/2017]. Used in self made PowToon video


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