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A reflection of Topic 3

Standing out
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When considering on how to create an authentic professional profile, there are a few basic building blocks that remain relatively similar. However, as your profile begins to be more easily recognisable or even now that you are employed this is where some extra steps are necessary to maintain your profile and retain the image you have created for yourself.

Harriet made an excellent point on her blog about ‘oversharing’ which I had not previously considered and is in fact the crucial point in cases just as Justine Sacco, too much was shared to a public domain. My comment on Harriet’s blog and her subsequent reply led me to come to the realisation that oversharing is becoming a fairly big obstacle when creating a professional profile. We have all posted or shared something that we would classify as overly personal or revealing but on social media sites this is encouraged and I’m not discouraging it but having this visible to potential employers or current employers won’t yield productive results.

If I were to ever give advice on how to create a professional profile I would point them towards Brad’s blog. He explains pretty much everything you would need to consider when creating one and promotes the idea of creating a ‘brand’ through the use of different programmes such as Canva. Additionally, in our discussion on his blog we both explore the idea of making sure that you are noticed when being searched and that can come down to privacy settings or how well managed your profile is.

Overall, I think that creating a professional profile is easy but refining it into something to showcase is more difficult. This is only made more difficult when you realise you have a similar name to someone more well known.

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