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Having researched what it means to be a ‘native’, ‘immigrant’, ‘visitor’ and ‘resident’, I understand their strengths and weaknesses and the assumptions underpinning them. Before I started this topic, I made assumptions on how I would fit into Prensky’s digital ‘natives’ and ‘immigrants’ idea (Prensky, 2001). I assumed that I, along with many others on this course, would fall into the category of ‘natives’. However, after reading into the subject, I now realise I was looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

By reading articles and journals I now have a much better understanding on the subject of Digital ‘native’ and ‘residents’, a more inclusive framework surrounding people’s online capabilities, as well as the functions they serve to the individual. Additionally, reading other blogs assisted in reinforcing what I learnt and made me question the assumptions made (see comment I made on Emily’s blog), allowing me engage in discussions regarding relevant aspects crucial to this topic (see comments made on my blog by Emily and Brad).

This course has already opened the doors into a whole new learning experience, one in which I am not overly familiar with. Starting this blog and interacting with others has begun to broaden my overall understanding of what it means to be part of an online community to post, share and comment. Furthermore, I have been able to progress in my abilities to create visual aids either myself or through programs/websites as well as writing blogs, both being completely new to me.

As this course continues I hope that I continue to improve and fully appreciate my online presence, how that affects those around me and how others can benefit from it.


Prensky, M., (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants


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